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Foot Locker kicks off in-store omnichannel payments

Foot Locker, Inc. is enabling brick-and-mortar customers to make digital payments using their own mobile devices.

The New York-based specialty athletic retailer is rolling out the FreedomPay edge commerce platform across all of its more than 2,000 stores in the U.S. The new touchless-capable payment system provides Foot Locker in-store shoppers with control over their checkout experience by delivering the option to pay via contactless payment methods and digital wallets, all on their own devices. The Freedom Pay platform supports digital payment apps including PayPal/Venmo.

As a result, Foot Locker intends provide an advanced, safe and secure in-store consumer payments experience for millions of U.S. shoppers. The retailer recently reported a fourth-quarter same-store sales drop of 2.7%. 

"We are always looking for ways to create a more seamless customer experience," said Frank Bracken, executive VP and CEO of North America, Foot Locker Inc. "Integrating a safe and secure payment solution within our stores is key to achieving that. By investing in solutions that address the needs of today's digital world and look towards the future, we are improving the in-store experience while providing our customers greater flexibility."

"In today's new digital world customers demand a tailored payment experience that is safe and secure, whether in-store or in-home, and FreedomPay is proud to announce it will provide the in-store commerce solutions for Foot Locker in the U.S.," said Chris Kronenthal, president and CTO at FreedomPay.

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