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Florida landlord sues AMC Theaters for non-payment of rent

Al Urbanski
AMC Hialeah 12
AMC Hialeah 12 in Hialeah, Fla.

The show must not go on, but the rent checks must.

That’s the stern message sent to AMC Theaters by Palm Springs Miles shopping center, which has filed a $7.5 million dollar lawsuit against the cinema owner for nonpayment of $52,153 April rent. 

The plaintiff’s suit stated that AMC’s lease does not include a force majeure clause that excuses the payment of rent due to an act of God, according to a report by Yahoo.

“The Landlord recognizes the challenges posed by COVID-19, including on its own business,” the lawsuit stated. “Under the express terms and provisions of the Lease and Guaranty, however, [the] defendant is obligated to pay rent and that obligation is not excused.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has organized a task force to begin a plan to reopen businesses in his state, and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that most businesses in his state can open as early as next week.

In Texas, several malls have begun formulating “retail-to-go” plans in which retailers take orders online and deliver goods to purchasers’ cars in the parking lots.

AMC has furloughed all its corporate employees and announced a $500 million bond offering that would allow it to avoid bankruptcy.

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