First Look: Tupperware opens its first-ever store

It took nearly 75 years, but Tupperware has finally entered the brick-and-mortar space — if only temporarily.

The iconic brand, known for its food preparation, storage and serving products, opened a holiday pop-up in downtown Manhattan. Called TuppSoho and open through December, the space features a curated selection of signature Tupperware products in a modern, minimalist setting marked with bold shapes and colors.

The immersive space offers interactive food and product demonstrations and spotlights Tupperware’s history and museum-honored classic product designs. It also offers plenty of Instagram-worthy opportunities.

“The opening of TuppSoho marks a monumental point in our brand's longstanding history,” said Asha Gupta, chief strategy and marketing officer of Tupperware Brands. "We are giving access to our brand like never before. Tupperware has been an important part of how people interact with their kitchen and their food for decades. In fact, we are a cultural touchstone and we're embracing that now by opening our doors for more people to experience the magic and depth of Tupperware."

The launch of TuppSoho coincides with the unveiling of the brand’s redesigned site which makes it easier to shop products and connect with local Tupperware representatives. 

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