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First Look: DTC brand Rothy’s opens NYC store

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The digitally native, eco-friendly footwear company that makes women’s shoes out of recycled and sustainable materials has touched down in New York City.  

Rothy’s has opened its first store in New York City, a 750-sq.-ft. shop on Bleecker Street in Manhattan’s West Village. It’s the brand fourth physical store to date, with existing locations in San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C.

“We made the decision to make Bleecker Street our next store because New York is one of our top markets, and we felt it was the right time to establish a physical presence in a community that has so warmly embraced us online,” the company stated. 

Rothy’s took the same design approach to its new brick-and-mortar outpost as it does to its shoes. The interior features clean lines and quality craftsmanship, with a goal of making the customer feel both stylish and comfortable.  

“Our stores are designed to be product first, allowing shoppers to experience every thoughtful detail that goes into a pair of Rothy’s,” the company said.

At opening, the Bleecker Street location showcases the brand’s entry into a new category — totes and bags— with a smaller assortment of Rothy’s newest shoe collections alongside customer-fave classics. The assortment is designed to provide a holistic view of Rothy’s product offerings, while celebrating its latest launch.

Space prohibits the store from carrying full inventory. But anything not stocked at our Bleecker Street location can be purchased from Rothy’s website with the help of our store associates.

Rothy’s shoes and bags are made from recycled materials, including recycled plastic water bottles. The shoes — all flats, and priced at $125 to $165 — are knitted together, making them extremely comfortable, according to fans. 

Rothy’s recently made its first foray into a new material, sustainably sourced merino wool, with its Merino Collection.

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