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First Look: Check out Target’s new ‘Game Room’ concept

Target Corp. is exploring the future of online gaming and wants consumers to join in the fun.

The retailer has opened “Game Room,” described as a “play space for tomorrow’s gamer,” at Target Open House, which is located in San Francisco’s Metreon center. Target opened the site in 2015 as a concept store to showcase smart home technologies and products. It was described as part retail space, part lab, and part meeting venue for the connected home tech community. 

Target has completely redone Open House to focus on the future of digital gaming. It’s an immersive space that invites customers to play games and try out new gaming technologies. Some, but not all, of the featured items, which are from start-ups as well as seasoned vendors, are for sale.

“We aren’t just showing you tomorrow’s gaming,” Target said on its Open House website. “We hand you a controller and invite you to take it for a spin. In our Game Room, gamers of all skill levels can find new tools to double-jump into an exciting gaming future.”

Game Room will also feature various events, from meets-and-greets to tournaments to talks.

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