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Exclusive Q&A: BigCommerce partners in small business tech stack

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BigCommerce is providing digital commerce functionality for a technology stack aimed at small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Chain Store Age recently spoke with Alex Boxer, Strategic Partnerships, Tri-State, BigCommerce, about a new digital storefront initiative the e-commerce platform is launching with SWK Technologies, Acumatica and Avalara).

The three companies are teaming up to create a new online business solutions stack aimed at helping small-and medium-sized businesses and mid-market brick-and-mortar retailers establish an online commerce presence. 

Through this initiative, BigCommerce and its partners are now comprehensively implementing and integrating e-commerce storefronts and digital presences for small-and medium-sized players in the space. 

According to a spokesperson for the initiative, a catalyst for the partnership is third-party marketplaces often taking significant margin from listing businesses using their platforms, up to 45% of a product’s sale price.

What issues are small- and medium-sized businesses facing with digital sales?

Small- and medium-sized businesses often face digital sales issues like limited online presence, e-commerce technology challenges, tax compliance complexities, integration difficulties, and scalability constraints. 

To go through these issues in a little more detail, many businesses struggle to establish a robust e-commerce presence, making it difficult to reach potential customers effectively. They may lack the resources or expertise to implement and manage comprehensive e-commerce platforms.

And managing complex tax regulations, especially for cross-border sales, can be a significant challenge for smaller online businesses, while integrating e-commerce platforms with back-office systems, like ERP software, can be complex.

Finally, small- and medium-sized businesses can often find it challenging to scale their online operations to meet growing demand.

Why did BigCommerce form the online business solutions stack with your partners?

We established the online business solutions stack to offer small- and medium-sized businesses a comprehensive e-commerce framework and competitive edge. 

This stack contains BigCommerce's ecommerce platform, Acumatica's ERP platform, Avalara's tax automation solution, and SWK's integration expertise to collectively address the challenges small- and medium-sized businesses face in digital sales. 

It allows small- and medium-sized businesses to streamline their operations, ensuring tax compliance, efficient order processing, and a superior customer experience.

The partnership functions by seamlessly combining Acumatica for business processes, Avalara for tax compliance, BigCommerce for e-commerce capabilities, and SWK for integration expertise which ultimately enhances operational efficiency and the customer experience.

What benefits do e-commerce sellers receive?  

E-commerce sellers benefit from improved efficiency, simplified tax compliance, scalability, accurate data, and enhanced customer experiences. These benefits typically lead to improved conversion rates, order accuracy, and overall operational efficiency. 

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