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Exclusive Q&A: Bealls CEO Matt Beall seeks authenticity via podcasts

Matt Beall
Matt Beall, CEO, Bealls Inc.

The CEO of Southeastern regional chain Bealls Inc. hosts two podcasts designed to connect with customers and employees.

Chain Store Age recently spoke with Matt Beall, CEO of family-owned Bealls, about the strategy behind the “Limitless” and “Legacy” podcasts he hosts and how they fit into company branding and culture efforts, inside and outside the organization.

What business issues made you consider having podcasts?

There were no specific issues per se. I just generally feel like if we aren’t trying new things then we aren’t evolving, and if we aren’t evolving then we aren't taking advantage of our opportunities to live and learn and grow.

Not everything is going to work and that’s okay. We encourage trying new things here. Authenticity is also a big deal for our organization; it’s one of our company values. The Bealls “Limitless” and “Legacy” podcasts give me an opportunity to share my authentic self with our company and the world. 

How do you select guests and topics? 

I just talk to people I’m interested in on the “Limitless” podcast. The first thing I’m diving into is ancient civilizations, so I’m focused on talking to experts from that field to start. 

On the “Legacy” podcast, I am speaking with people in and around the organization, such as leaders, board members, and business partners.  For example, in one “Legacy” episode, I discussed our company values with all stores. This episode offered substantial insight into our organization and what’s happening from a cultural standpoint. 

We alternate weeks so there’s fresh content every week; one episode drops every two weeks for each podcast. 

What benefits does Bealls receive from having podcasts?

They provide our customers insight into our company and its CEO (me). They give our company something to talk about and a way to stay connected. In addition, I get to push myself out of my comfort zone, continue to learn, challenge myself and meet a lot of fascinating people. 

Another benefit is a genuine connection with people all over the country. This is a very direct way to connect with people and that is good for business and community. 

Can you discuss any future plans for the podcasts?

I’m hoping to get better as a host, hoping to add more subscribers, engage more with people in the comments section, and continue to host exciting guests. The guest lineup I have coming soon is world-class. I’m responding to all comments, and just generally having fun with it. 

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Headquartered and founded in Bradenton, Fla., in 1915, Bealls Inc. is a privately held company that has been owned and operated by the founding family for over 100 years.

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