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Mobile printing — real-time solutions for retail repricing, traceability and cost savings

>> Retail Re-pricing: Mobile Printing Enables Fast, Efficient Price Changes
Re-pricing products in the store has evolved from simply being a reaction to purchasing mistakes, to a strategic tool that retailers apply to increase traffic and sales. Price changes are often required for regional pricing or other variable pricing strategies, promotional markdowns, clearance, seasonal sales, or product mix changes. Retail headquarters usually sets overall pricing, but where it really counts is in the store. This white paper explains how retailers are profiting from mobile markdown printing and other price labeling, and how stores can leverage different printing applications to create more value.

>> Traceability in Retail — Reducing RFID Media Costs for Best Value
Retailers are facing enormous pressure to gain the most return from their business process investments. Radio frequency identification (RFID) enables business intelligence throughout an organization’s value chain to provide critical information for fast and accurate decision-making. RFID continues to grow as a proven solution to increase inventory visibility and accuracy, which helps reduce out-of-stocks, increase sales, and lower cycle counting labor. Achieving the most value from RFID demands an innovative method for ensuring accuracy while shrinking the recurring costs of label media.

>> Wireless Printing Delivers Efficiency and Cost Savings in Retail
Wireless bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) label printing is widely recognized by major retailers globally as an essential technology for enhancing store operations. The ability to print real-time information in the aisle, on demand, saves time, effort, and money—creating competitive advantages.

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