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Enterprise Customer Management: Can you afford not to take the leap?

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The problem with most customer loyalty programs is that they’re not loyal to the whole business.

Brands that use customer data strictly for marketing purposes are not maximizing the value of their data asset, and are certainly not amortizing the large cost they have incurred to build, launch and manage a customer loyalty program.

Instead, this significant investment in data collection and utilization should yield a far better return on investment with enterprise-wide benefits and results.

Download this white paper to learn how loyalty data can be used to better inform areas such as:

  • Merchandising, including promotions, pricing, store layout, category proaction, and product development

  • Operations & Customer Experience, including store formats, service, sales generation, employee engagement, and profit accountability

  • Real Estate, including location selections, closure strategies, and transitioning high-value customers to new stores

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