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Exclusive: Consumers see top benefits of frictionless shopping as…

Customers see frictionless shopping as a means to speed up the experience.

New data reveals consumer attitudes toward “grab and go” checkout-free stores, as well as toward social influencers.

YouGov recently asked a cohort of roughly 1,500 U.S. consumers several exclusive questions on behalf of Chain Store Age. Respondents provided their views on several aspects of “grab-and-go” shopping, where customers identify themselves upon entering a store and then leave with products, paying via stored debit or credit card. Surveyed consumers also provided insight into the importance of social influencers to their purchase decisions.

When asked to select what benefits they see from grab-and-go shopping technology, respondents said:

  • Quicker shopping 51%.
  • Don’t have to wait in line 50%.
  • No cashier interaction 17%.
  • None 17%.
  • Don’t know 16%.
  • Cheaper products 9%.
  • Personalized shopping experience 4%.
  • I would spend less money 3%.

Respondents were also asked to select what drawbacks they see from grab-and-go shopping technology, saying:

  • Loss of store associate jobs 51%.
  • I would pay too much 38%.
  • Data protection 33%.
  • Privacy 27%.
  • I would spend more money 24%.
  • I like the experience of paying for things 15%.
  • The stores I visit don’t offer it 13%.
  • Don’t know 12%.
  • None 7%.

About seven in 10 (69%) respondents said to the best of their knowledge, no grocery stores they currently visit offer grab-and-go technology. About one in 10 (11%) said at least some grocery stores they currently visit offer grab-and-go technology, and 20% are not sure.

When asked if they would use grab-and-go technology if it were available, 37% of respondents said no, 33% said they don’t know, 27% said yes, and 3% have already used it.

In a question about the impact of social influencers, respondents were asked how often, if at all, do they look to social media influencers for shopping suggestions. Almost two-thirds (64%) said never, while another 23% said not very often, indicating social influencers don’t have a significant effect on most shopping decisions.

Survey: Consumers embrace high-tech stadium features

A recent survey from Oracle Food and Beverage reveals that consumers are open to frictionless shopping experiences when they attend sporting and entertainment events. Almost six in 10 (57%) surveyed consumers said they would love to pre-order food and drinks to avoid lines, while 42% said they would like to use their fingerprint, rather than a ticket, to enter a stadium. More than half (53%) would prefer a more flexible, self-serve digital experience, as opposed to interacting with staff during live stadium events.

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