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eBay takes authentication effort on the road

eBay Trae Young

eBay will host events across the country to authenticate some of the most sought-after items in major collectible product categories.

Addressing a surge in popularity of certain collectible goods, such as sneakers, luxury watches, and trading cards, eBay will run events in select major cities over the next several weeks. The e-commerce giant will enable customers to have their items authenticated on-site, aligning with the authentication practices that eBay offers across these categories.

These practices include vetting and verifying all new and pre-owned collectible sneakers sold on eBay for over $100 in the U.S. by an independent team of industry experts, routing luxury watches to a third-party authenticator for assessment after purchase and before being shipped to the customer, and letting buyers and sellers of sports memorabilia use the managed Prova Group SmarTag solution to verify items as legitimate.

In each city, eBay will also give fans an all-access look at some of the most unique collections of athletes and celebrities, starting in Atlanta with basketball star Trae Young's collection of luxury watches. After the first event in Atlanta April 9-10, eBay will host additional collector events in Nashville, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Austin, showcasing top collections in each city, including rare items from celebrities, sports stars and collectors.

At each event, customers can bring their own items, including sneakers, watches and trading cards, for authentication and appraisal. Customers will pull up to a drive-in authentication station and watch on a screen while third-party authenticators evaluate their items. They will leave with an estimation of the item's worth and the option to list their items on eBay.

One item per collector can be authenticated/evaluated. The event is free and appointments are not required. However, masks are required and social distance protocols are in place.

"Younger generations have upended the idea of a traditional portfolio by marrying their passions with financial opportunity," said Jordan Sweetnam, senior VP, eBay North America. "We've transformed the eBay experience to reflect that change in behavior, ensuring the authenticity of the most covetable, collectible and investment-worthy items in our marketplace."


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