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eBay rolls out new Promoted Listings offering

eBay is introducing a new feature to Promoted Listings.

eBay is building upon its Promoted Listings paid advertising service.

Introduced in 2015, Promoted Listings lets eBay sellers pay a percentage of sales resulting from listings that receive special promotion on the site. Officially known as Promoted Listings Standard, eBay says the tool provides sellers on average, double-digit sales increases.

Now, eBay is introducing a complement to the Promoted Listings Standard called Promoted Listings Advanced Beta. This new campaign type enables sellers to promote their listings in top slot in search results to increase the likelihood of a sale, with more keyword control and enhanced budget management.

Promoted Listings Advanced Beta uses a cost-per-click model (CPC), where sellers pay per click on a promoted listing. According to eBay, the new service is best suited for larger sellers, sellers with higher-priced inventory where a CPC model may be more cost-effective than Promoted Listings Standard, and sellers who are already running a CPC advertising model on other marketplaces. 

eBay has been rolling Promoted Listings Advanced Beta out to select sellers throughout 2021. Promoted Listings Advanced Beta is now available to all eligible sellers on the e-commerce giant’s U.S., U.K., German and Australian sites, directly on the advertising dashboard found in seller hub.

As the service becomes more widely available, eBay has developed a list of four best practices based on insights gathered so far:

1. Reach active shoppers with suggested keywords
Suggested keywords are designed to help retailers stay competitive. They focus on keywords that buyers are most likely to use to discover the listings that specific retailers have included in their campaigns. For best results, eBay recommends retailers target at least 10-15 unique keywords per each listing in an ad group.

2. Stay competitive with suggested bids
To help optimize campaigns, eBay provides retailers with suggested bids that can increase their likelihood of appearing at the top of the search results. For a given keyword, eBay aggregates bids from listings that have received clicks in the top slot of the search results page to convert them into a suggested bid range.

3. Include high-quality listings in your campaign
Along with cost-per-click bid, factors like a retailer’s daily budget, keyword relevancy, listing quality, and competing ads will help determine whether an ad will win the auction and appear in the top slot of a buyer's search results.

4. Organize campaigns with ad groups 
Ad groups help retailers build more effective campaigns by organizing their listings by a common goal or category. Grouping together similar listings allows retailers to target them with the same set of keywords.

“Our mission is to help businesses grow further with eBay,” said Alex Kazim, VP of global advertising and GM, eBay, in a corporate blog post. “Across our marketplace, we’ve been investing heavily into technology to make it easier for sellers to run their business online, from those who are just starting out to those who are looking to scale and expand more globally. With our sellers’ success and growth as our north star, we’re developing more advertising solutions around keyword search and preferred listings, so sellers can choose what’s best based on their business needs.” 

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