DoorDash opens orders to items from multiple stores

DoorDash DoubleDash

DoorDash customers can now double (or more) the number of stores they can shop for a single delivery.

The on-demand delivery platform is launching a new service called DoubleDash, which enables customers to add items from nearby stores to an existing order for no additional delivery fee or order minimum. Both orders will arrive together, with the same delivery person.

To utilize the DoubleDash feature, customers place an eligible order on DoorDash and after checkout, look for the DoubleDash option on the map to add items from nearby stores. From the store page, customers can select drinks, snacks, and any other items they want. From there, the driver receives both orders and will deliver them together (although sometimes deliveries may arrive separately).  

DoubleDash is currently available with 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, QuickChek, The Ice Cream Shop and DashMart, a DoorDash-exclusive store that offers thousands of convenience and grocery items, as well as products from local restaurants.

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In select markets, DoorDash is also piloting DoubleDash with local restaurants, where customers will have the option of adding complementary items from nearby local restaurants to their initial meal order.

With DoubleDash, DoorDash intends to enable participating retailers to reach new customers online who want to discover and try new offerings that complement their meal. DoubleDash is being introduced in the U.S. and Canada, and an online registration form is available here.

“DoubleDash is the next step toward getting everything you want from your neighborhood delivered together in a one-stop shop experience,” Prithvi Guru, DoorDash product manager, said in a corporate blog post. “This is just the beginning of what we have planned for DoubleDash and we are excited for what is to come in the near future.” 

“We are excited to be a part of DoorDash’s newest endeavor, DoubleDash, and for the opportunity to reach new customers and drive additional sales for our business,” said Benjamin D. Arreola, owner, Señor G’s Fresh & Healthy Mexican Food of Playa Del Rey, Calif.Señor G’s Fresh & Healthy Mexican Food provides fresh and unique menu items and now, we’re excited to further delight customers with our offerings.”


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