CVS develops mobile prescription reader

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CVS develops mobile prescription reader

By Dan Berthiaume - 07/08/2020

A new feature of the CVS Pharmacy app will enable visually impaired customers to effectively read prescription labels.

CVS is introducing Spoken Rx, a component of the CVS Pharmacy app that can read a specific type of prescription label for customers with visual impairments and those who cannot read standard print labels. According to CVS, Spoken Rx is the first in-app prescription reader application to be developed by a national retail pharmacy.

By the end of 2020, 1,500 CVS Pharmacy locations will be equipped to affix special RFID labels to prescription vials. When the RFID labels are scanned by Spoken Rx in the CVS Pharmacy app, which can be accessed by users using Siri or Google Assistant on their phones, prescription label information will be spoken out loud in either English or Spanish.

This information currently includes patient name, medication name, dosage and directions, and will be enhanced to include additional information over the months to come. Spoken Rx will be available in all CVS Pharmacy locations by the end of 2021. The American Council of the Blind worked with CVS and tested the technology throughout its development.  

"The in-app feature gives patients more flexibility, providing the pertinent prescription information out loud wherever and whenever they need it," said Ryan Rumbarger, senior VP, store operations at CVS Health. "Spoken Rx provides a more seamless experience to our patients who are visually impaired."

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