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CSA Webinar: The Power of Personalization on the Customer Experience for a Competitive Edge


Personalization is quickly becoming the #1 priority for retailers and for a very good reason: Customers have come to expect and quite frankly, demand, a more personalized shopping experience now more than ever. Especially in times of COVID, customers want that personalized experience more and more in digital and in-store. Consumers are exercising their power of choice to get the experiences they want. According to McKinsey, in the first 90 days of the pandemic, 75% of customers experimented with a new brand or retailer with 60% expecting to stick with new choices post pandemic.

Personalization is more important than ever to deliver a more engaging, relevant, and positive experience.Personalization in retail involves tailoring your communications to suit the needs of specific customers. It is about understanding those unique paths to purchase and guiding customers on the right path based on their needs and behaviors. Personalization requires analyzing a lot of data, including location, browsing and demographic data, to help determine those buying behaviors.  With customers shopping on more channels than ever before, this is not an easy task. To get there, smart retailers are starting to look to their application strategy and how it can enhance their customer digital experiences and improve operational margins.With this, there is a need to create a platform to enable the transformation of the customer experience.

Edge Computing can capture the necessary data and act on it right where it begins- at the local customer level.Join Bryn Norton, Sr Director of Client & Technology Adoption, Lumen Technologies and Brian Solis, digital anthropologist, speaker and author for a top down look at what personalization means to retailers in this post-pandemic world, and how establishing a secure infrastructure with edge computing can give you the power to take back your omnichannel!

Key takeaways:

  • Innovate rapidly to drive change and drive personalization
  • Create a platform that allows for digital experiences in and out of the store within the same retail ecosystem
  • Collect and analyze customer data for a more profound personalization strategy
  • Implement emerging technologies in store that will have a lasting effect on sales.

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