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CSA Exclusive: Women’s denim brand personalizes fit – in 3D

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1822 Denim is offering personalized size recommendations via a cross-platform, web-based widget.

The New York-based women’s denim brand offers a range of products designed to fit women of all sizes. The company also seeks to remove manual measurement processes to avoid human error and minimize returns.

To achieve these goals, 1822 Denim has partnered with virtual try-on, fit and size recommendation platform 3DLook to capture consumer body data, using two smartphone photos to determine their correct denim size. Additionally, the 3DLook solution allows 1822 Denim to collect anonymized body data from customers to later analyze and leverage for better manufacturing processes.

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Leveraging 3DLook, 1822 Denim conducted analysis revealing that 80% of its customers are more petite and curvier than the standard fit model. The brand has used these data insights to retarget its customers with denim products that fit their unique shapes and sizes, and promote a wider range of styles. The company is also examining its grading system to better align some of its basic fits with its existing customer base, intending to sell a greater variety of products at full price.

Since implementing 3DLook technology, 1822 Denim has boosted conversions 4x, while reducing product returns by 48% and increasing average order value by 23%. In addition, 90% of the company’s customers indicate that they feel confident that the fit recommendations they receive are personalized to their unique body shape and measurements. Over 70% of customers who have used the widget have purchased clothing on the 1822 Denim website.

In addition, 1822 Denim was among the first to adopt the new integrated two-in-one 3DLook YourFit solution, which offers photorealistic virtual try-on functionality combined with data-driven size recommendations, using just a smartphone camera.

“3DLook has become an integral part of the process for 1822 Denim, as it not only helps enhance sales, but the insights garnered from the solution also come in handy during the product planning and design processes, as well as marketing and engagement strategies,” said Tanya Zrebiec, VP of innovation and strategy at 1822 Denim. “These days, nothing matters more than instilling a sense of trust and service in customers, and with 3DLook’s fit tech, we were able to ensure that by providing the perfect fit every time.”

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