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CSA Exclusive: Tyler’s cuts fraud, wait time via single-click checkout

A regional specialty apparel retailer is streamlining the execution of online and mobile transactions.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, TYLER'S operates nine stores across Texas, as well as e-commerce and m-commerce sites. Despite using a fraud prevention tool, TYLER'S was finding that numerous fraudulent digital transactions were being approved without its knowledge. Furthermore, fraudulent orders weren’t coming to the retailer’s attention until after some of the products had already shipped.

“We reached a point where legitimate and loyal customers were unable to successfully check out,” said Justin Dermit, director of e-commerce at TYLER'S, in an exclusive interview with Chain Store Age. “As a result, our staff had to spend hours each day combing through manual review. We knew this was not sustainable, and decided to look for a better solution.”

Seeking an online and mobile checkout solution that would save time for staff and provide customers with a safe, secure, and pleasant experience, TYLER'S wound up selecting and implementing the Bolt checkout experience platform.

“Bolt really stuck out to us because it addresses checkout and fraud together, meaning we could address our fraud issue while also improving the experience shoppers have at checkout,” said Dermit. “One of the key features for us was how easy Bolt made it for customers to place orders by offering a smooth, fast, mobile-optimized experience that includes a single-click checkout for returning shoppers.”

Since deploying the Bolt platform, Dermit said TYLER'S has solidified its online presence and provided a more streamlined customer experience. Results have included not having to spend any time on manual transaction review, eliminating chargebacks, and increasing order approval rate to 97%. 

“The improved checkout hasn’t gone unnoticed by our customers,” commented Dermit. “We regularly receive customer feedback regarding how much their simple checkout experience has improved.” 

Looking ahead, Dermit said TYLER'S has some ideas tabled for 2021, but is currently closing out projects and locking down its technology to ensure a smooth customer experience with the holiday season coming up. TYLER'S is also focusing on the major overarching issue which impacts every decision retailers have to make.

“COVID-19 has taught us a lot about where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and we’re currently trying to wrap up an integration to help manage our customer navigation on the website,” concluded Dermit.

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