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CSA Exclusive: Rothy’s streamlines corporate communication with stores

Rothy's kids
Rothy's is connecting corporate headquarters and stores.

Rothy’s is using a mobile app to align headquarters and store activities.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, Rothy’s is best known for its eco-friendly women’s shoes which are made from single-use plastic bottles and other recycled materials. The shoes — all flats and priced at $125 to $165 — are knitted together, minimizing waste and also making them extremely comfortable, according to fans.

In an email sent exclusively to Chain Store Age, mobile-first communications and task management solution provider Zipline described how Rothy’s is  leveraging its technology to enable communications between corporate headquarters and its store fleet and customer experience team.

Recognizing the need for a unified communications platform that would support store and customer experience personnel, Rothy's selected the Zipline solution based on its user-friendliness for both end-users and publishers, as well as its intuitive design, ease of navigation and support for retail-specific workflows. The retailer also selected Zipline based on its responsive in-app support.

To measure the success of the pilot program, Rothy's conducted surveys to gather feedback from both customer experience and retail teams. The retailer says it received overwhelmingly positive responses from both publishers and end-users, with metrics such as readership and participation closely monitored.

Employee engagement and satisfaction also increased after Rothy’s implemented the Zipline solution, with communications net promoter score (NPS) increasing to +80 with Zipline. The platform allows employees to more easily have access to tasks, messages, and pertinent information, eliminating the need for constant supervision or queries.

In addition, Zipline's resource library has simplified the retrieval of information, enabling faster and more efficient workflows. The company has also decreased its support resolution time by 60%.

"Our retail and customer experience teams were delighted with Zipline, right from the beginning," said Mo Vachon, VP of retail at Rothy's. "The platform's user-friendly interface and simple navigation means that employees can quickly log in and see everything that’s expected of them for the day, and even see what’s coming up on the calendar. Zipline has simplified communication and enhanced the productivity of the entire organization."

“Rothy's adoption of Zipline underscores our commitment to continuously transforming how retail operates across stores and customer-facing operations,” said Melissa Wong, CEO and co-founder of Zipline. “With Zipline, Rothy's is well-positioned to meet evolving customer needs in an agile way and maintain its position as a leader in sustainable fashion.”

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