CSA Exclusive: Lamps Plus preps supply chain for high-volume holidays

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A specialty lighting retailer’s COVID-19 response has positioned it to meet increased e-commerce demand this holiday season.

Following the implementation of various state and local COVID-19 quarantine measures during Q1 2020, Lamps Plus found online sales of its home furnishings products significantly increased. 
“When forced to stay at home and not travel, consumers decided to focus attention on upgrading their homes, which meant higher demand and sales for our products leading to an increase in shipping volume,” Clark Linstone, COO, Lamps Plus, said during a recent interview with Chain Store Age. “We’ve had to re-allocate resources to increase the size of our Internet customer service offering with the higher sales volume during the pandemic.” 

Lamps Plus also added resources in its service and distribution staff. These changes positioned the retailer to handle the pandemic-fueled influx of orders, ensuring the supply chain operated smoothly.

“Product was delivered rapidly and successfully to customers,” said Linstone. “We are ready for a high-volume e-commerce holiday season.”

The retailer initially deployed the Manhattan Associates warehouse management system to help support the added strain COVID-19 placed on its supply chain. In July, Lamps Plus upgraded the solution because the retailer felt it provided a good framework for long-term success and growth.
“Rather than look only at short-term immediate solutions, we felt Manhattan Associates had the ability to anticipate fluctuations for the future and help us manage our supply chain needs,” explained Linstone. “This really positioned us well for the increase in volume, which we have been able to handle without issue.”
This long-term vision for utilizing Manhattan Associates supply chain technology includes leveraging the vendor’s solutions for handling the increased demand during the upcoming holiday season. 

“We were able to upgrade our warehouse management system, along with labor and slotting, to further enhance our overall efficiency,” said Linstone. “We have always sought technology solutions that could handle growth, and so far, we’ve seen Manhattan Associates technology has been able to take on the additional requirements.”

California-based Lamps Plus operates 36 brick-and-mortar stores in seven western states.