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CSA Exclusive: B&H boosts store traffic with online scheduling

B&H expert

A specialty audio/video technology retailer is streamlining customer access to expert consultations.

B&H, an independent, omnichannel retailer of photography, video and audio equipment, uses one-on-one meetings with customers at its 34th Street superstore location in New York to drive traffic and increase loyalty. Viewing personalized, convenient customer service as crucial for conversion, B&H sought to provide an easy solution for scheduling online appointments with its in-store experts.

The retailer wanted to replace its existing email-based appointment scheduling system because it produced inefficient communication and poor customer experience. After a competitive request for proposal process that included four other participants, B&H selected the appointments application from enterprise SaaS scheduling technology provider JRNI. 

B&H based this selection on factors including JRNI’s enterprise-grade platform, online appointment scheduling capabilities, customization offerings, navigation, and security features. More than 1,000 appointments were scheduled online in the first five months of deployment to meet with B&H’s experts at its New York superstore. As B&H grows its partnership with JRNI, it’s planning to expand scheduling capabilities and institute videoconferencing to meet consumer demands for more opportunities to engage with B&H experts in-store. 

“We’re giving our customers more chances and more ways to engage with us in-store, and JRNI is allowing us to create compelling in-store experiences,” said Aron Felberbaum, B&H applications administrator. “As we continue to innovate as a company, we must provide our customers with the option of speaking with our in-store experts via video, so we can connect consumers everywhere with our brand and develop experiences that reflect the media that we serve.”

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