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Crunch Fitness franchisee slims down operations management system

crunch fitness

A multi-unit franchisee of Crunch Fitness is centralizing critical workforce and operations workflows on a single platform.

Based in Austin, Texas, Undefeated Tribe operates more than 50 locations of the Crunch Fitness fitness center franchise across the state of Texas. The company initially managed its workforce through numerous solutions, including a Google Drive account where employees stored files and important documents, Excel spreadsheets for tracking incidents, a separate application for employee communications, a paper-based system to record time-off requests and work schedules, and a third-party asset management system.

By implementing the Woven workplace management platform, Undefeated Tribe (doing business as Crunch Fitness Texas) centralized and better organized its critical processes into a single platform. Employees use it as a reference tool and as a communication tool. At any time, an employee can log in to their Woven app to access a library of “how to” articles, read through the company’s policies and procedures, and browse other important reference materials. 

In addition, Crunch managers use Woven to manage activities including employee engagement, work orders for idle equipment, referencing important documents, and setting schedules. Woven also helps managers determine an employee's engagement level. Managers can check whether associates have read announcements and see when employees do not respond to messages or complete tasks.

At the corporate level, the company can scale tasks such as cloning and opening a new gym inside of the app. Everything an additional location needs from new employee documentation, policies, procedures, and shared resources is instantly launched and ready to go.

And since all training and development documentation lives inside of Woven, Crunch can make a change to a single training document and push the update out to every store within seconds. Previously, the company would spend weeks sending, printing, and replacing the documentation in physical training binders.

“Crunch’s culture and the overall happiness of our employees are our top priority,” said Tony Hartl, CEO of Crunch Fitness Texas. “If our employees are not happy and performing at a high level, then our gym members aren’t receiving the level of experience they deserve. With Woven, we easily manage our entire workforce across all of our gyms while delivering the best experience possible to our members.”

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