Container Store launches new app, loyalty program

The Container Store is rolling out its new tier-based loyalty program in conjunction with a new mobile app.

The specialty retailer of storage/organization solutions and custom closets is introducing a new mobile app, designed to make it easier for customers to shop, check an order status, get updates from the retailer, and find suggestions on organizing projects and tips. The Container Store says that user behavior and feedback will help drive the evolution of the app.

In addition, The Container Store is introducing a new loyalty program called Organized Insider. This tier-based loyalty program is designed to reward customer engagement by incorporating benefits such as receipt-free returns and a birthday discount with more personalized and enhanced experiences. These include exclusive access to new products and events, priority shopping, and an annual “Insider Savings Day” event.

The new loyalty program consists of three tiers, based on a customer’s annual spending level:

  • Enthusiast ($0 - 299): All Organized Insider members will have receipt-free returns, bonus savings days, birthday discounts, and one Insider Savings Day event per year.
  • Experienced ($300 - $999): Experienced members will receive all Enthusiast benefits, as well as new tier achievement savings, early access to select new products, shopping events, and higher discounts.
  • Expert ($1,000-plus): Expert members will receive all Enthusiast and Experienced benefits, with deeper discounts, exclusive event invitations, and an annual year-end gift.

Current loyalty members will be seamlessly converted to the Organized Insider program. They will receive communication on their status based on their 2021 spending level, or recent 2022 spend, and information on how the new program works.

Both the Container Store’s e-commerce site and mobile app will feature an Organized Insider dashboard. The dashboard will customers to have access to their status, available offers, exclusive benefits, and spend needed to reach the next level.   

The retailer is rolling out its new mobile app and loyalty program following the 2021 implementation of the Medallia Experience Cloud artificial intelligence-based CRM platform to transform its approach to customer experience. Faced with rapidly changing customer needs, The Container Store said it was seeking to collect customer feedback to improve daily omnichannel operations by offering better customer experiences.

“We have reimagined our loyalty program to provide our customers even more benefits than before while designing a program that is easy to understand and easy to access,” said The Container Store chief marketing officer Melissa Collins. “The new tier-based model will encourage repeat purchases and attract new customers. Both Organized Insider and our new mobile app are essential elements of our overall customer experience, and we look forward to seeing how customers respond.”

New Organized Insider members will receive $10 off a $75 purchase and unlock their loyalty tier benefits. The Container Store app is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Based in Coppell, Texas, The Container Store Group Inc. offers more than 11,000 products, and also offers a full suite of custom closets designed to accommodate all sizes, styles and budgets.

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