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Consumers plan to spend more — and less — in these categories...

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Nearly six-in-10 consumers surveyed said they plan to follow a diet this year.

A majority of consumers have set goals for 2024 and are shifting their spending habits to achieve them.

Nearly six-in-10 (59%) of shoppers surveyed have set goals for the new year, according to 84.51°’s Consumer Digest: 2024 New Year’s Resolutions report. Physical health (79%) was the most popular goal theme, followed by personal finance (53%), emotional well-being (42%), family (36%), mental health (34%), personal relationships (31%) and experiences (31%).

With the cost of living remaining high, consumers say they plan to spend less this year in a number of categories. Dining out/carry out/food delivery services were the most common answer at 57%, followed by outside of home entertainment (48%), clothing (47%) and beauty services (43%).

Consumers said they don’t plan on changing their spending habits towards prescription medicine (69%), medical providers and services (66%), transportation (65%) and household essentials (61%).

Savings/investment (53%) is the leading area where consumers surveyed by 84.51° said they planned to spend more. Travel (27%), supplements (23%) and groceries (19%) rounded out the top-four answers.

Nearly six-in-10 of those surveyed said they plan to follow a diet this year. Of those, 22% it will be one focused on low carbs, 19% said high protein, and 16% said their diet will incorporate intermittent fasting. Shoppers who are following a specific diet reported doing so to support a healthier lifestyle (65%), feel better overall (62%), lose weight (59%) and increase energy (44%).

With health remaining a large focus in the new year, product value claims are still very important for consumers. “Guaranteed fresh” and “good for your health” (both 43%) were the top-two attributes consumers said were important when buying food, followed by “nutritional value” (42%) and “gives you energy” (39%).

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