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Clarins holds the cookies, serves triggered emails

A global skincare brand is delivering highly personalized, one-to-one email promotions to customers – at scale.

France-based Clarins Group, which sells cosmetics and skincare products in 140 countries via third-party retail partners and its own digital retail outlets, is utilizing solutions from Movable Ink and Wunderkind to send targeted messages without relying on cookies, meeting increasing data privacy restrictions.

With this in mind, Clarins engaged retail marketing solutions provider Wunderkind with two key goals in mind: scaling the reach of its marketing campaigns and improving the performance of its triggered email efforts. Utilizing Wunderkind technology, Clarins was able to capture five times more new emails compared to its previous vendor in the first six months. 

This helped Clarins scale the reach of its email efforts. The retailer then leveraged Wunderkind’s cookie-less triggered email capabilities and gained the ability to send highly personalized, one-to-one messages to more prospects and customers than it could previously. As a result, Clarins increased revenue from triggered email by 13x.

To increase engagement in its Wunderkind abandonment email triggers and welcome series, Clarins decided to implement Movable Ink dynamic content technology. Clarins built a dynamic email offer banner based on the Movable Ink platform, which displayed the same promotion that was being offered on its website. The retailer determined that emails featuring the dynamic offer banner increased engagement, with click-to-open rates up to more than 15% higher than emails without the banner.

After the success of Wunderkind’s trigger campaigns with Movable Ink content, Clarins decided to optimize its welcome series emails next. By utilizing Movable Ink’s behavioral and social proof data, Clarins is able to automatically pull in a sitewide trending product, the “Product of the Week,” at the moment the customer opens the email. 

Clarins further boosted engagement by incorporating behavioral features into visual elements, such as a red bubble populating with real-time product views on the fly. Movable Ink components are also automated and re-usable every time Clarins deploys a new welcome series campaign, saving hours of work for the marketing team. 

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