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Chipotle customers can ‘swipe right’ for custom ingredients

Chipotle Mexican Grill is taking a cue from mobile dating apps in its newest digital ordering feature.

The fast-casual restaurant chain is releasing a new “complete customization” feature on its mobile app. The feature enables app users to make any ingredient light, standard or extra. Customers gain access to complete customization by swiping from left to right on an ingredient in the Chipotle app when building out their digital entrée.

"We're working to integrate everything fans love about Chipotle restaurants into our app," said Curt Garner, CTO, Chipotle. "The interactions between our employees and customers moving down the line is so important, and complete customization lets our fans replicate the nuances of their favorite orders digitally."

To further showcase Complete Customization, Chipotle has released an official “hack menu” on the TikTok video platform that features unique combinations of Chipotle ingredients. In each video, Chipotle demonstrates how customers can use complete customization on its app to create never-before-seen orders across menu items including nachos, taco salad, and dip.

Chipotle has been heavily focusing on customization in recent months. In March, the retailer rolled out its Delivery Kitchen order customization feature nationally. Delivery Kitchen customizes orders via a dedicated ingredient line operated by a special team. In addition to delivery orders, Delivery Kitchens service customers who are ordering ahead for pick up and through “Chipotlanes,” the brand's drive-thru lanes that allow customers to pick up mobile orders without leaving their cars.

Chipotle had over 2,600 restaurants as of March 31, 2020, in the U.S, Canada, U.K., France and Germany and says it is the only restaurant company of its size that owns and operates all its restaurants. 

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