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Check out Walmart’s new grocery experience

As the grocery wars intensify, Walmart is not only focusing on online delivery but also is refreshing the look and feel of its in-store experience in produce.

After redesigning its grocery department with more light, better signing and specially angled fixture to make shopping easier, the discount giant said it saw an opportunity to change up its in-store look and feel to even further emphasize the quality of its produce offerings. The new format also simplifies workloads, making it easier for associates to stock produce, Walmart said. 

The retailer has started to renovate the departments, with plans to update the majority of its stores by next summer. Others will be renovated as part of remodels.

Here are some of changes Walmart is starting to roll out:

Open Market Feel: The chain is adding low-profile displays in its fresh departments. The bins allow customers to see everything available in the department right when they walk into the store. 

More Space for Shopping: New wider aisles and low-profile bins will enable customers to shop from multiple sides.

Organic Shop: All organic items are being moved into one area of the department for one-stop shopping.

Signage: The company is adding new signs that are large and bright, allowing prices to stand out.

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