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Carvana bets on ‘car slot machine’ for Sin City

Carvana debuts the world's first slot machine for cars in Las Vegas.

The latest illuminated structure in Las Vegas is not a casino.

Carvana is opening a “car slot machine” in Las Vegas. The colorful, glowing glass structure stands 11 stories tall with a 39-vehicle capacity and serves as an automated fulfillment center for online car purchases. A Las Vegas-centric take on the “car vending machines” Carvana offers in 28 other locations, the slot machine is designed to offer a fast and convenient pickup option for customers who purchase a vehicle on the Carvana omnichannel platform for buying and selling used cars.

In as little as five minutes, customers can shop more than 20,000 vehicles on the site, finance, purchase, trade-in, and schedule as-soon-as-next-day pickup at the car vending site or touchless home delivery of that vehicle. (Area residents can also sell their current vehicle to Carvana regardless of whether they are purchasing a replacement.) 

Customers who decide to pick up their car at the vending kiosk are greeted by a customer “advocate.” They receive a commemorative, oversized Carvana coin to insert into the slot machine, which will activate the automated vending process, and then watch their vehicle descending through the glass structure.

Instead of a pre-purchase test drive, vehicles come with a seven-day return policy. All vehicles pass a 150-point inspection, have no frame damage, and have never been in a reported accident. 

Carvana’s newest car vending machine is the first of its kind in the state of Nevada, and the 28th in the U.S. Additional car vending machines are located in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and California. 

“We are ready to raise the stakes in Vegas with our iconic car vending machine, giving customers a slot machine like they’ve never seen before,” said Ernie Garcia, Carvana founder and CEO.

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