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Canada Goose to open its first-ever U.S. ‘snow room’ at South Coast Plaza store

Snow room in Canada Goose’s store in Milan, Italy.

Canada Goose is bringing the snow to Southern California.

The upscale Canadian outerwear brand will make its California debut at the South Coast Plaza Mall, in Costa Mesa, Calif. The location will feature Canada Goose’s first-ever “snow room” in the United States. 

The room, the next-generation version of Canada Goose’s cold room, offers a daily snowstorm with temperatures reaching as low as -10°F. It replicates various conditions so that customers looking to buy a winter jacket can test it under even the most challenging Artic conditions. The snow room’s environment is inspired by the climate of Churchill, Manitoba, known as the Polar Bear capital of the world.

The store will carry the full Canada Goose collection specific for the Southern California lifestyle, inclusive of lightweight down styles, rain and wind gear, knitwear and more for men, women and children.  

Known for its celebration of Northern Canadian artists, Canada Goose is home to the largest collection of Inuit art within a retail environment in the world. For the South Coast Plaza location, the brand bringing the work of Toronto artist Winnie Truong to life in the space. Additional works of art by Inuit artisans, such as illustrations and sculptures, will be showcased throughout the store as part of the brand’s Northern Art Program.

Canada Goose continues to transform the way it does business and ensures its commitments are embedded across its operations, including its goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, going plastic-free and integrating recycled and organic fibers into all of its products. 

Canada Goose operates more than 25 stores around the world, each celebrating the company’s nearly 65-year history. Canada Goose products are also available online. 

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