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Buxom Cosmetics offers gamified metaverse experience

Buxom Cosmetics
Buxom Cosmetics is bringing shoppers into the metaverse.

A direct-to-consumer cosmetics brand is running a six-month metaverse promotion called “Buxom PlumpVerse.”

Buxom Cosmetics is partnering with digital consulting firm Publicis Sapient to create a new immersive virtual customer experience on the Decentraland metaverse platform. “Buxom PlumpVerse offers three digital floors – a first-floor lounge featuring a plumping lip bar, a dance area and DJ on floor two, and an immersive, virtual try-on store on the third floor.

In the virtual store, consumers can digitally interact, try on shades with an augmented reality (AR) filter, and participate in gamified experiences. Through the end of June 2023, Buxom PlumpVerse users can unlock new rewards, like discounts on Buxom products and free samples, each month by completing specific tasks and games. Customers can also learn more about Buxom products through other gamified experiences.

With the launch of PlumpVerse, Buxom and Publicis Sapient are taking a hybrid approach to metaverse commerce, which involves bringing users into the metaverse platform Decentraland gradually through channels they are already familiar with, such as Instagram, email, and the brand’s website. This strategy is intended to enable customers to more comfortably familiarize themselves with the metaverse.

“The Buxom Babe is known for being the queen of the party,” said Sidi Drissi, brand president, Buxom. “The Buxom PlumpVerse is the perfect space to play into the brand heritage. Buxom’s PlumpVerse bridges the gap between the brand and virtual world, creating an immersive club experience where our consumers can feel glam, engage in VIP experiences, and join the party without having to step a foot outside of their door.”

“Buxom PlumpVerse is an example of the type of experience that brands need to focus on as the metaverse evolves,” said AJ Dalal, managing director, data and metaverse strategy at Publicis Sapient. “The metaverse is still an entirely new experience for most consumers and brands, making it critical for companies to bridge the gap between their current digital and traditional experiences with immersive, gamified experiences. By extending a brand’s core strengths and capabilities with the metaverse, Buxom PlumpVerse allows its users to engage, at their pace, in their channel of preference, with an experience that meets and exceeds Buxom’s brand standards.”

Cosmetics brand Laura Mercier opens metaverse store

Buxom is not the only direct-to-consumer cosmetics brand active in the metaverse. Cosmetics brand Laura Mercier recently opened World of Beauty, its first virtually experiential e-commerce presence. Working with metaverse platform Obsess, Laura Mercier is utilizing web-based virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to offer an HD-quality, 3D and 360-degree metaverse experience.

The World of Beauty features three interactive virtual rooms, all designed with the brand's Parisian aesthetic in mind. The virtual store is unveiled to shoppers with a narrative from founder Laura Mercier, sharing background on her career and the brand.

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