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Building EV Charging Stations: What Retailers Need to Know

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular options for both commuter and commercial drivers. Each year, new EVs are introduced with longer range, shorter charge times and cheaper starting price tags. The U.S. and U.K. governments are also starting to approve rebates and tax incentives to make it easier for drivers to purchase EVs. The U.S. also approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill which includes enhancements to make EV charging stations readily available and easily accessible for drivers across the country.
EV chargers can be installed anywhere that can support the power that is necessary to run the chargers, providing retailers with a unique opportunity to earn additional revenue by installing EV chargers at the sites. During today’s webinar, Sevan will touch on key topics for retailers who are exploring installing EV chargers at their site(s) including:

  • What’s the future for EVs?
  • Who can benefit from installing EV chargers? What are the opportunities for growth?
  • How do EV chargers get installed?
  • How can Sevan add value?


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