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BrainBox AI launches carbon emission reduction, energy efficiency solution

BrainBox AI has expanded its product offering dedicated to multi-site retailers.

A new solution aims to help retailers meet or exceed their sustainability targets while optimizing store comfort for associates and customers.

BrainBox A, a provider of autonomous artificial intelligence for commercial real estate, has expanded its product offering dedicated to multi-site retailers. Built on the foundation of BrainBox AI’s core solution, the new offering enables retailers to quickly reduce their energy consumption.

It can be connected to an existing building management system or via wireless cloud-connected AI-enabled thermostat upgrades.

Retail supply chains are responsible for 25% of global GHG emissions, according to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development,” said Sam Ramadori, CEO, BrainBox AI. “Our product offering enables retailers to quickly and efficiently reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint so that they can become part of the climate change solution.

Ramadori noted that speed, scale and impact matter when comes to fighting climate change.

“Our mission is to empower brick-and-mortar retailers and warehouses to reduce their carbon emissions and play a critical role in adopting energy efficient climate solutions to address the GHGs they are emitting,” he said.

Among the retailers that have already signed up to experience BrainBox AI’s artificial intelligence technology is Sleep Country, Canada’s leading specialty sleep retailer. The company installed the solution across 214 stores, representing 80% of its total footprint and 1.1 million square feet of retail space across Canada. The agreement with BrainBox AI aligns with Sleep Country’s goal to be net zero by 2040, 

BrainBox AI has also been deployed in hundreds of other multi-site real estate locations including grocers, discount retailers, big box stores, medical clinics, sporting goods stores, and more. To date, BrainBox AI has decreased its multi-site retail clients’ HVAC electricity spend by an average 26% and gas spend by an average 34%, enabling an overall average 28% reduction in the HVAC emissions of their buildings, the company said.

Additionally, retailers will experience up to a 15% reduction in maintenance costs, up to a 50% extension of equipment service life, and a 60% improvement in comfort level for customers and associates, according to BrainBox.

“BrainBox AI’s expansion of our capabilities will enable brick-and-mortar retailers to lead the way among their peers in the multi-site real estate sector in achieving their sustainability goals,” said Ramadori.

Founded in 2017, BrainBox AI was created to address the dilemma currently facing the built environment, its energy consumption and significant contribution to climate change. The company’s HVAC technology leverages AI to make buildings smarter, greener, and more efficient. BrainBox AI supports real estate clients in various sectors, including office buildings, hotels, commercial retail, grocery stores, airports, and more.

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