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BJ’s modernizes order management

BJ's is rolling out a new order management system.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is moving its omnichannel inventory operations to a microservices-based order management system (OMS).

The membership warehouse club retailer is deploying the Nextuple OMS Studio enterprise inventory service to replace its SaaS-based legacy inventory system. The Nextuple platform is based on an ordered set of microservices, which are independent, mix-and-match services that communicate with each other via application programming interfaces (APIs). 

Nextuple OMS Studio includes three “Tuples” of mix-and-match microservices that can work independently or together to create solutions for flexible fulfillment. The Tuples are built on a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic tech stack enabling the Studio technology to be delivered in a variety of deployment models. The Tuple solutions are:

The Promise Tuple offers four composable microservices for promising, sourcing, inventory, and capacity. BJ’s will utilize this solution to optimize omnichannel fulfillment use cases based on speed, cost or custom rules.

The Order Orchestration Tuple builds upon a unified order store across all sales channels, including sales, fulfillment and returns orders, giving consumers visibility across all interactions. The Order Orchestration Tuple offers four composable microservices for the order state engine, order store, manage order APIs and order management.

The Omni Fulfillment Tuple offers five composable microservices for flexible store-based fulfillment, digital order queuing, picking, staging operations, packing/shipping, and dispensing. BJ’s will leverage this solution to scale store fulfillment operations and satisfy customers across all fulfillment channels.

"As retailers look for new ways to modernize their tech stacks to stay lean and competitive, we are seeing great demand for new approaches to classic retail challenges," said Darpan Seth, CEO of Nextuple. "BJ's joins our growing community of national retail and grocery chains throughout North America in leveraging microservices to quickly stand up new capabilities that improve operations, delight customers, and lower costs."

BJ's rolls out AI-driven, inventory-tracking robots across

In other efforts to improve inventory management, in March 2023 BJ’s deployed the Simbe Robotics Tally AI-based robotic solution across all stores. The robots will autonomously roam store aisles multiple times per day, leveraging computer vision technology to collect shelf data to help ensure that products are in-stock, shelved appropriately, and accurately priced.

Equipped with real-time shelf data provided by the Tally solution, BJ’s hopes to enable faster restocking, direct store associates to quickly locate products, and obtain better visibility into inventory tracking. In addition, BJ’s will review data captured by Tally robots to help monitor store conditions and the accuracy of merchandising execution.

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