BigCommerce opens Amazon fulfillment to sellers


A leading e-commerce platform is integrating with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment services.

U.S. retailers selling on BigCommerce can now fulfill their online orders using Amazon’s order fulfillment services, whether they sell on Amazon or not. BigCommerce has given retailers using its platform access to Amazon’s fulfillment network, operational expertise, fast ship speeds, and fulfillment costs with competitive rates and scalable capacity. 

Specifically, BigCommerce retailers are now able to fulfill orders seven days a week including one-day, two-day, and three-to-five-business-day delivery. Retailers can also display delivery promises at checkout, providing customers with insight into when they will receive their order.

In addition, automatic inventory placement enables retailers to get products closer to customers and scale to meet seasonal spikes, without increasing fixed costs. Participating BigCommerce retailers have full control over the cost of shipping for customers, and are able to replace the Amazon rate with flat rate or free shipping options. Furthermore, retailers can share shipment confirmation and tracking details for any carrier.

"Adding Amazon MCF to our best-in-class tech partner portfolio brings tremendous value to our merchants by strengthening their omnichannel strategy to enhance their competitive edge and deliver a superior online shopping experience at every touchpoint,” said Sharon Gee, GM of omnichannel, BigCommerce. "Convenience and fast shipping expectations have become the holy grail of the online shopper with demand forecasting becoming harder to control. Amazon MCF will help our merchants to better plan, purchase and fulfill in a much more efficient way than they’ve ever been able to do before.”

“We’re continually listening to merchants and working backwards from their needs to develop solutions that help them delight more customers,” said Gopal Pillai, VP of Amazon fulfillment and distribution solutions. “Retailers can simplify order fulfillment, reduce operational complexity, and offer customers faster delivery through Amazon MCF’s new easy-to-configure app that seamlessly integrates with their BigCommerce store. Amazon MCF strategically places merchant products close to customers to provide faster and more affordable delivery.”



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