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The best social platform for holiday promotions is…

Users of one particular social network spend significantly more than average on gifts & holiday shopping.

According to new analysis from audience intelligence company StatSocial, Pinterest users spend the most in the gifts & holiday shopping category – 39.2% more than the average U.S. consumer. They also spend 20.5% more on gifts & holiday shopping than the average user of Twitter, the platform coming in second place in this category.

StatSocial data also indicates Snapchat leads other major social platforms in several categories. Snapchat users spend a considerable 86.4% more than the average U.S. consumer on "getting away from it all" or "heading towards it all. In addition, Snapchat narrowly edges out Instagram as having the users who spend the most on apparel - 28.4% more than the average consumer.

All six social platforms analyzed by StatSocial (Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) over-index considerably when it comes to spending on photography & camera equipment. However, YouTube users exceeded spending in this category compared to the average U.S. consumer by a leading 72%. And YouTube mostly dwarfs the other platforms analyzed by StatSocial in music spending - YouTube users spend 28% more than the U.S. average on music.

Facebook is generally strong across a number of purchase categories, leading in areas including value-priced general merchandise, financial services, books & magazines, jewelry, and sporting goods. Meanwhile, Twitter users are the biggest spenders in categories including computing & home office supplies, food & beverages, and telecommunications. 

Interestingly, users of all six platforms show a lack of spending in membership clubs such as Costco and B.J.’s. According to StatSocial analysis, these retailers tend to appeal mostly to older consumers who may not participate on social media.

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