Batteries Plus Bulbs keeps the power on at stores, adds pickup service

A specialty electronics retailer is keeping stores open – with a new social distance option.

Batteries Plus Bulbs stores plan to remain open throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The retailer says it supplies products and services that meet immediate customer needs or cannot be found elsewhere, such as batteries for wheelchairs and mobility scooters and sealed lead acid.

To help comply with social distancing recommendations, Batteries Plus Bulbs is adding a curbside pickup service at its stores. Customers can call their local store to place an order, drive to Batteries Plus Bulbs, and have their orders delivered to their cars by an associate. 

Additionally, Batteries Plus Bulbs stores are adhering to recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) to increase cleaning and disinfecting efforts.

"Many of our customers rely on our products and services to stay connected, enable their mobility and power their medical devices," said Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs. "We're remaining open to ensure they're able to get the products and services they need, and we're taking precautions to make sure they can get them in a safe manner."

Headquartered in Hartland, Wis., Batteries Plus Bulb operates more than 700 stores across 47 states.

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