Baby boomers have high expectations for this e-commerce site feature

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Baby boomers want clear e-commerce visuals.

Members of the baby boomer generation are especially picky about one aspect of online shopping.

Boomers (respondents aged 60–77) are more dissatisfied with product imagery than respondents from other generations, with only 14% being very satisfied compared to 19% of the general population, according to “Baby Boomers & e-commerce: Understanding generational sentiment,” a survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers from virtual photography platform Nfinite. 

Four in 10 boomer respondents are very unlikely to shop again at a retailer if a product does not match the image online, compared to 26% of the general population. Three in four (76%) boomer respondents are less likely to purchase a furniture item online if no or limited imagery is available for the specific color or finish they want.

In addition, 76% of boomer respondents are more likely to purchase furniture if they can see an item from all angles, while 64% of surveyed boomers are more likely to buy furniture if they can visualize it in their space using the camera on their phones.

And two in three (66%) boomer respondents are more likely to purchase a product when the images show products in a context that matches their aesthetic or interests.

Boomers have difficulty with product returns

Boomer respondents also report more difficulty with product returns compared to other generations, with 12% reporting that it was so difficult they ended up keeping the item, compared to 8% of the general population. No surveyed boomers reported that returning items was “very easy,” compared to 6% of the general population.

In addition, boomer respondents are less likely to return a product if the item does not match the image online (75%) compared to the general population (83%). For larger items, this disparity further expands, with only 28% of surveyed boomers returning a large item because it did not match expectations in appearance or size, compared to 45% of the general population. 

"Baby boomers are a critical consumer group for brands and retailers, and their expectations for high-quality product imagery online cannot be ignored," said Nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. "By prioritizing accurate and engaging product imagery, businesses can build trust with this demographic and secure long-term loyalty, ultimately driving sustainable revenue growth."

In April 2023, Nfinite surveyed 1,074 consumers in the U.S. to ask about their opinions on product visuals and online shopping. Respondents' ages ranged from 18 to 77. 

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