Analysis: Amazon dominated web traffic in March

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Consumers turned to a familiar e-commerce site as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe.

According to data analysis from financial information site LearnBonds, Amazon had 4.06 billion visitors during March 2020. This was more than the combined 3.85 billion visitors to eBay, Apple, Walmart, Rakuten,, and combined.

LearnBonds data also indicates eBay, the online retail platform with the second-highest monthly visitor total, received at least three times fewer visitors compared to Amazon at 1.2 billion. Japan’s Rakuten had 0.8 billion visitors followed by at 0.6 billion visitors. Walmart closed the top five categories with 0.61 billion visitors. occupies the sixth slot with 0.56 billion visitors, followed by China’s Aliexpress which had 0.53 billion visitors in March. Other online retail stores that received a significant number of visitors include Etsy (0.4 billion), Home Depot (0.29 billion), and (0.27 billion). 

In April 2020, LearnBonds expects the number of online shoppers to be high since no economies have been reopened on a large scale. As a direct consequence, brick-and-mortar retailers are losing the market as people stay away from physical stores.