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Amazon tops digital customer experience rankings

An e-commerce titan receives the highest ratings across four crucial customer satisfaction drivers.

Amazon is ranked number one in the Verint Experience Index for Q4 2019 among both the 25 top U.S. websites and top 25 retailers with a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 86.1 (possible score of 1-100). The other sites among the top 25 websites ranking with a significant retail component were Pinterest (No. 2, 84.7), PayPal (No. 4, 83.7), Google (No. 5, 83.4), YouTube (No. 6, 82.6), Instagram (No. 7, 80.6), Yahoo (No. 13, 79), eBay (No. 14, 78.2), Bing (No. 17, 77.7), Facebook (No. 20, 76.4), and Twitter (No. 24, 72.5).

Comparing Amazon to the e-commerce sites of other established retail brands, the top 10 ranking consisted of Amazon followed by Publix (81.8), Target (81.5), Macy’s (81.2), Lowe’s (80.5), Apple (80.5), Best Buy (80.4), Walgreens (80.3), Kroger (80.3), and 7-Eleven (79.2).

Amazon also received highest ranking among the top 25 retailers across the four key experience drivers of navigation (content findability, page layout, links), look and feel (visual appeal, spacing, legibility), site information (relevance, thoroughness, readability), and site performance (speed, complete loading, responsiveness). Target ranked second in navigation, look and feel and site information, while Apple took second place in site performance. Target did not receive a top-five ranking for site performance.

Examining Amazon’s customer experience more closely, Verint found a leading 39% of Amazon shoppers said making a purchase online was the reason for their most recent visit. This was followed by just browsing (28%), researching a product or service (17%), accessing account or checking order status (6% each), and other (4%). Ninety-seven percent of Amazon shoppers said they accomplished their task on their most recent visit, while 83% logged in.

The Index features a panel sample of 12,533 respondents in total, representative of the U.S. general population, with at least 250 responses per brand.

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