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Amazon offers customers new alternative to passwords

Amazon passcode
Amazon is making passcodes available for sign-in.

Amazon is expanding secure sign-in options for customer accounts on its e-commerce site.

The e-tailer is rolling out passkey support on browsers and mobile shopping apps, offering customers what it says it an easier and safer way to sign in to their Amazon accounts. Customers can now set up passkeys in their Amazon settings, allowing them to use the same face, fingerprint or PIN used to unlock their device.

Passkey support is now available for all Amazon customers using browsers and is gradually rolling out on its iOS shopping app with support coming soon on its Android shopping app.When a customer uses a passkey on Amazon, it proves they have access to their device and are able to unlock it.

Unlike passwords, passkeys are not susceptible to phishing attacks, which according to Amazon makes them more secure than features like one-time codes in text messages.

“The introduction of passkeys is an important step in making the Amazon experience easier and safer for our customers.,” Amazon said in a corporate blog post. “We’ll continue to encourage customers to adopt passkeys and invite the industry to join us in creating a passwordless internet.”

“Our research shows that consumers are tired of the hassle and complexity of passwords, and they are excited to embrace passkey sign-ins, which enable them to simply and securely access online services and stands to turn the tide against the ongoing plague of data breaches and identity theft,” said Andrew Shikiar, executive director and chief marketing officer of FIDO Alliance, an industry association focused on reducing reliance on passwords, in the Amazon blog post. “Passkeys fundamentally shift the way we sign in to our online accounts for the better—and seeing Amazon roll out passkeys is evidence of its commitment to its customers’ time, experiences, and security across Amazon web and mobile shopping experiences.”

Amazon protects customers from fraud

In an exclusive interview with Chain Store AgeDharmesh Mehta, Amazon VP of Selling Partner Services, discussed methods Amazon uses to prevent and mediate cybercrime. The e-tailer employs a team of more than 12,000 people globally, including machine learning scientists, software developers, and expert investigators, dedicated to protecting its site and customers from fraud and other forms of abuse.

During 2022, Amazon initiated takedowns of more than 20,000 phishing websites and 10,000 phone numbers being used as part of impersonation schemes. The company also referred more than 100 bad actors across the globe to local law enforcement authorities.

In addition, Amazon has adopted email verification technology across more than 20 countries in an effort to make it easier for customers to identify phishing emails and harder for scammers to commit fraud.

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