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Amazon expects U.S. employees to be back in offices by early fall


Amazon is looking ahead to the return of its “office-centric” culture.

The company expects employees will return to the office on a gradual basis that will vary by country, based on infection and vaccination rates. In the United States, some employees will start returning to the office during the summer, with most back by early fall.  By contrast, in some countries in Europe, Amazon expects in-person working to take longer due to recent setbacks.  

“Our plan is to return to an office-centric culture as our baseline,” the company said in a memo to employees. “We believe it enables us to invent, collaborate, and learn together most effectively.”

The company said that its offices remain open and about 10% of its corporate population currently works from an office each day. In many parts of restaurants, cafes, and shops in its buildings are planning to re-open soon. 

Amazon emphasized that it continue to maintain strong safety protocols, such as temperature screenings upon entry, physical distancing guidelines, face covering requirements, office occupancy limits and enhanced cleaning in all offices. 

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