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Amazon creates personalized digital book hub

Amazon Your Books
Amazon is targeting book lovers with a new virtual service.

Amazon’s newest online offering goes back to its roots.

The e-commerce giant is launching a new feature called “Your Books,” which enables customers to see every book they have purchased, borrowed or saved across print books, as well as the Kindle e-book platform and Audible audio book platform. Amazon initially opened as an online bookstore in 1995.

Customers can type "Your Books" in the search bar on the Amazon e-commerce site, and the top result will open the Your Books feature. Once there, a “Library” tab contains every book they have ever bought or borrowed from Amazon. 

Shoppers can organize their library based on things like genres, authors, or series, allowing them to discover which categories they like the most or reveal ones they might want to pursue. The library will also lead customers to the discovery of new books by seamlessly searching through Amazon’s selection of books and present options based on their interests.

The “Saved Books” tab consolidates all the books customers have saved to any Amazon Wish List. To help decide which saved book to read next, customers can filter the page to show books based on categories such as price ranges, subscription eligibility, and genre interests. Shoppers will also be able discover new books with recommendations for what they might want to save or read next.

Whether customers are using the Library or the Saved Books tabs, they will find personalized recommendations, and can use filters and tags to help fine-tune recommendations according to their preferences. They can also turn on Discovery Mode and transform their library into an individually tailored bookstore.

For example, in the “Genres” view, customers will receive recommendations for books from each genre they own and can also select any individual book and view the “Similar Titles” experience to receive more targeted recommendations.

“Whether you’ve just started your reading journey with Amazon, or have been a customer since we first opened our digital doors in 1995, your personal library is now at your fingertips,” said Melanie DeNardo, Amazon Books, in a corporate blog post.

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