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Almost all online consumer electronics shoppers consider this factor

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Sustainability is critical to consumer electronics retail.

E-commerce retailers selling consumer electronics items need to address a key customer concern.

Eighty-seven percent of all surveyed consumer electronics shoppers consider sustainability before purchasing, according to the latest Global Voices survey from direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce company ESW.

That percentage jumps to 90% for millennial respondents and 92% for Gen Z respondents. In addition, seven in 10 (71%) respondents are more willing to buy a product if it has a positive environmental impact, and six in 10 (59%) have purchased from a new brand specifically because of its sustainability practices.

Other interesting findings include:

  • Seven in 10 respondents will spend the same or more online this year on consumer electronics products as last year.
  • More than nine out of 10 Gen Z respondents shop online for their consumer electronics products, such as computers, computer games, software, and smartphones.
  • Nearly one-quarter of both Gen Z and millennial respondents shop both inside their home countries as well as internationally for consumer electronics products.
  • More than half (54%) of respondents have stopped buying from consumer electronics brands that lack environmental credentials.

“DTC is ramping up in the consumer electronics industry at the moment, and global expansion is one of the biggest opportunities for growth,” said Chad Johnson, ESW VP of electronics, gaming, and digital. “While Gen Z and millennial shoppers will buy from their favorite brands regardless of international borders, sustainability is rapidly becoming one of the top concerns for consumers in this space. In order to attract this lucrative consumer—which primarily shops online for electronics—manufacturers and brands must be transparent with their environmental credentials.”

Consumer interest in sustainability grows

According to the Blue Yonder 2023 Sustainability Survey of U.S.-based consumers, 48% of respondents said they have developed an increased interest in sustainability over the past year, while 44% said it remained the same.

Survey results also indicate that consumers are willing to make personal sacrifices for more eco-friendly shopping, but with limitations. Seven in 10 (69%) respondents said they were willing to pay more for sustainable products, but only 4% are willing to pay 20% more, across all age groups..

More than half of respondents (56%) were indifferent or were not sure whether they could trust brands’ sustainability claims related to their manufacturing, supply chain, or recycling/waste practices. A plurality of survey respondents (32%) said that consumer reviews carry the most weight in their green purchasing decisions.

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