Adidas opens high-tech flagship in one of world’s largest malls

Marianne Wilson
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Adidas has opened its first Mideast flagship, at The Dubai Mall. At 15 million sq. ft., it is the largest mall in the world based on total area.

The nearly 16,000-sq.-ft. Adidas is designed to transcend the traditional shopping experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital, improving consumer-brand interaction and inspiring creativity via store activations. It features more than 60 consumer-facing digital touchpoints, smart fitting room mirrors and a custom lineup of in-store services.

“This new flagship brings the very best of our brand in an unrivaled shopping experience where physical and digital meet,” stated Dave Thomas, managing director of emerging markets. “With Dubai increasingly becoming a hub for innovation, creativity, and sustainability, our futuristic retail concept corresponds with the DNA and vision of this dynamic and exciting city.”

Innovative digital signage technologies, including digital ceilings and a digital footwear wall, are integrated throughout the space, enhanced by the latest mobile technology. Using the Adidas app, customers have access to real-time product scans and a try-it-on feature called ‘Bring it to Me.’ Shoppers can check their sizes, request the product they want, and have it delivered while browsing the store. They can also book services through the app and sign up for in-store events.

The fitting rooms are outfitted with interactive mirrors that use RFID technology to recognize products and provide information. Shoppers can request different sizes and colors without leaving the space. They can also see what they would look like in a real-world scenario by selecting a specific environment on a touch screen.

The technology also allows customers to browse through stocks, sizes and various products via smart mirrors and immersive screens in-store. The RFID Smart Fitting Room experience is complemented with the immersive fitting rooms where consumers can see what they look like in a real-world scenario by 

The center of the store is home to the “MakerLab,” where shoppers can customize their product. The space will offer regular events with specialized designers. 

To create a one-stop-shop for all sneaker requirements, London sneaker service Crep Protect offers a range of in-store sneaker care services.

As the most sustainable Adidas store it is gold LEED-certified) in the region, the flagship incorporates an extensive range of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, including recycled plastic, foam and textiles. In line with the brand’s long-term commitment to sustainability, consumers can find sustainable product highlights throughout the space and educate themselves by various digital and analog experiences.

The store is divided into separate areas for women, men, and children and also has a dedicated DXB shop for Dubai-exclusive products. The kid’s area boasts an interactive football and basketball game section.