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7-Eleven adds local color to stores across America

Call it mural mania. 

7-Eleven is commissioning local mural artists to bring its creative vision to life at select stores. The convenience retailer has teamed up with The Ammersion Group, a new Dallas-based creative agency, to identify artists to create neighborhood-specific murals on interior and exterior walls of existing and new 7-Eleven stores.

The goal of the program is to capture each neighborhood's energy through inclusive on-site murals that bring connection and creativity to local communities. 

7-Eleven first embarked on the massive art project at its “evolution” store in Dallas, with a colorful mural by painter and illustrator Mariell Guzman.  (The evolution format is designed as an experiential testing ground where the chain can test new concepts, products and services before scaling them across the 7-Eleven system.”

"It's been a hit so far and I've seen my fair share of excited customers stop what they're doing to take Instagram-worthy photos in front of the larger-than-life mural,” said 7-Eleven senior VP and chief marketing officer Marissa Jarratt. “This positive customer behavior and feedback has encouraged us to expand the concept to more stores in 2021."

The effort was born through collaboration between 7-Eleven and The Ammersion Group, working under the umbrella of "Artists Building Brands." Bringing communities together has never been more important, the retailer said, which is why it directly engaged the North Texas arts community and plans to do the same in other U.S. cities. 

“This project embraces community beautification by connecting the fine art and marketing worlds, while also mentoring and supporting creatives of all backgrounds and communities,” 7-Eleven said.

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