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1-800-Flowers momverse is utilizing ChatGPT and livestreaming in its Mother’s Day promotions. is preparing for Mother’s Day with some leading-edge offerings.

The specialty gift retailer is launching a new online feature called “ MomVerse,” a free artificial intelligence (AI) composer based on ChatGPT, which interacts with users in a conversational style that mimics human interaction and uses machine learning (ML) to continually refine and improve its responses.

[Read more: ChatGPT is coming – what it means for your enterprise] MomVerse creates original, one-of-a-kind verses including personalized poems and songs. Customers can select the type of verse, (e.g., haiku, song, or limerick), who the poem or song is for (e.g., mom, grandma, wife), and then input attributes about the recipient.

Users can input keywords that best describe the subject and their interests, such as music, singing, or reading, and then share with one click to a social platform or print the verse out.

“Consumers have increasingly turned to our family of brands to help them connect with the important people in their lives, and we continually innovate our customer engagement efforts with the purpose of elevating the gifting experience,” said Jason John, Inc. chief marketing officer. “The MomVerse is one more way we leverage emerging technologies to ensure customers can engage with us in different ways, enabling them to celebrate the relationships in their lives through their gift-giving gestures.” prepares holday livestream

On Thursday, April 27, will present a livestream shopping event, “Mother’s Day Live Shopping: Celebrating Women Who … are Amazing Moms.” In an email to Chain Store Age, a spokesperson for the retailer said the event will feature four moms from different walks of life sharing curated collections from four of the company’s featured brands:, Harry & David, Cheryl’s Cookies, and Personalization Mall.

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Digital offerings sprout at 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers has been transforming into a more digitally oriented company in the past couple of years. In addition to its January 2022 purchase of the floral livestreaming platform Alice’s Table, the retailer has rolled out a new loyalty app, checkout with a mobile or desktop BNPL option provided by Klarna, as well as checkout with digital payment solutions including Apple Pay, PayPal, Click to Pay, and Venmo.

1-800-Flowers also provides a variety of floral subscription offerings, enabled customers to contact customer care agents through two-way SMS text messaging, teamed up with astrology app Sanctuary to curate a special collection of floral bouquets, and has partnered with TikTok creator and influencer Eros Miranda.

And in January 2023, the company introduced Gifts & More, an online marketplace featuring curated items from local sellers across more than 15 new product categories, including home décor, spa gift baskets party supplies, and DIY activities

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