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Why RFID Remains The Foundation For Retail Technology

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“Why RFID Remains the Foundation for All Retail Technology” will focus in on the key technologies that retailers are investing in, and why inventory accuracy enabled by RFID is a critical enabler to these investments.  During this webinar, Checkpoint Systems will partner with Zebra Technologies to walk through the direct impact RFID has made on retail and what steps can be taken to build a concrete business case.

We know that retail technology priorities have rapidly changed over the last few years and will continue to evolve as the world moves past these recent events.  At the core, we see that consumer behavior and lack of brand loyalty has driven changes in how the consumer shops and the relative shift from online shopping back to in-store shopping.

As a remedy, we see retailers and brands alike investing in technologies that will elevate the shopping experience for the consumer. However, without the retailer knowing what product they actual have and where it is located, the impact of these technologies can only go so far.  RFID adoption continues to improve, as C-Suite executives at leading brands and retail organizations realize the impact inventory visibility has on EVERY technology investment.

With retail evolving so quickly, the consumer behavior is permanently changing and all the technology investments in the world will not matter if you don’t know WHERE your inventory is.
Join Checkpoint Systems and Zebra Technologies as we dive into why RFID is the foundation for all retail technologies.


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