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The WFM Edge: How Grocers Like Heinen’s Create a Stellar Experience for the Retail Frontline


Recent stats on the retail frontline make for sobering reading. Turnover is high, teams are stretched to their limits, and retailers are struggling more than ever to attract and retain staff. Heinen’s has been a family-owned grocery store for four generations, with 23 locations in greater Cleveland and Chicago. Managing a team of 3000+ associates, the grocer understands the importance of continually leveling up its workforce management strategies to offer flexibility, autonomy, and opportunities for career growth. 

In this edited webinar transcript, Phil McElfresh, director of labor and process improvement at Heinen’s Grocery Store, Brian Monaco, vice president of solutions marketing at Logile, and Dan Bursik, senior vice president of product management at Logile discuss how Heinen’s has invested in WFM management strategies that increase retention through better engagement and provide flexible opportunities to boost work-life balance while touching on the what the future holds for retailers looking to finetune and finesse their approach to workforce management – whether through gig-like scheduling, learning and training opportunities, or other data-driven, tech-enabled approaches. 

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