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Unlock Operational Success: How Retailers Architect Unified WFM to Empower the Connected Workforce

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Today’s retailers face unique challenges in attracting and retaining employees. To navigate these operational complexities, retailers are striving to connect their workforces with strategy, taking a unified approach that seamlessly integrates planning, scheduling, and execution.

Join us for a live panel discussion on "Empowering the Connected Workforce" and its crucial role in achieving operational success in retail environments. Drawing from real-world examples and industry best practices, we will explore the strategic advantages and transformative impact of embracing unified workforce management. Discover how this approach optimizes operations, enhances both employee and customer experiences, and drives profitability.
Key Discussion Points:

  • Leveraging AI-driven technologies to forecast and optimize staff planning and scheduling, streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and empower both managers and associates.
  • Understanding staffing requirements using store-specific data and standards to meet customer demands effectively. 
  • Embracing flexibility with options like gig scheduling and cross-training opportunities.
  • Adapting to market fluctuations, seasonal changes, and evolving business needs with scalability and agility.

Learn from industry leaders about optimizing retail workforce strategies.


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