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Zulily gives fashion advice via Messenger


Aside from surviving sleepless nights and seemingly non-stop diaper changes, new momsalso struggle to find the right styles post-pregnancy.

Zulily hopes to ease these “fourth trimester” blues with a new digital engagement tool. Called “The Fourth Trimester Closet Concierge,” the limited-edition solution helps new moms navigate their wardrobes during pregnancy and after they’ve welcomed their new baby.

Moms can access Zulily’s maternity team of experts, called the baby-friendly fashion squad (BFFs), directly in Facebook Messenger using the #BFFs hashtag or by visiting the online retailer’s Facebook page.

Among the topics the experts discuss include streamlined silhouettes, functional nursing apparel, shapewear and the benefits of adjustable apparel styles, the retailer said.

“Our maternity team saw the need to provide a special service to new moms who can be overwhelmed and strapped for time,” said Robin Otto, Zulily maternity expert and merchandising manager.

The service is being tested during the month of March.

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