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Walmart speeds up the task of reordering frequent purchases


Walmart has found a way to make the digital shopping experience even faster.

The discounter launched a new service on Tuesday that streamlines how shoppers reorder merchandise via their desktop or Walmart app. Called Easy Reorder, the service integrates shoppers’ purchase histories —a list that is comprised of merchandise purchased both in-store and online. The service curates the customer’s most purchased items — including brands and sizes.

As customers log into the app or Walmart’s site, Easy Reorder automatically presents items that were bought in the past, and that are available for purchase. Among the top reordered items are Nabisco Ritz crackers, Oreo cookies, Tostitos Scoops, Jif creamy peanut butter, Honey Nut Cheerios, Pampers diapers, water, and Dawn dishwashing liquid, according to Walmart.

To find items more easily, shoppers can also sort how they view their recently ordered items. Searches can be filtered by category, recently purchased merchandise, or by price, ranging either high to low, or low to high.

“Easy Reorder contributed to the growth we saw in the first quarter,” Jordan Sweetnam, VP, customer experience and product, Walmart global e-commerce. “Easy Reorder is part of our team’s laser focus on helping customers save both money and time by leveraging our more than 4,700 stores and”

The service is Walmart’s latest move to blend the online and offline shopping experience. For example, the chain recently rolled out discounts for shoppers picking up online orders in-store, as well as new procurement options, including curbside delivery service, automated grocery kiosks and in-store online order pickup machines.

The service also competes with Amazon’s Dash Button. The Wi-Fi connected device, which is dedicated to a specific brand, enables Prime members to reorder merchandise from the brand with the push of a button. Product is automatically re-ordered from Amazon, and shipped free with Prime shipping. Amazon currently has more than 300 branded buttons, according to Amazon.

Walmart is also setting the stage to go head-to-head with Amazon in this category, as well. In May, the discounter filed a patent for its own version of a one-click wireless device that tracks how shoppers use products in their homes and then automatically reorders merchandise. The solution would also track expiration dates and product recalls, according to the filing.

“In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, it is critical for brands and retailers to reduce friction at every step of the consumer journey,” said Ofer Klein, CEO, kwik. “The use of one-push ordering is a smart, simple solution, as it allows consumers to easily and directly reorder their favorite products. It helps to increase retention rates and generate customer loyalty.”

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